my Groodle



Looking for a better groodle, always find the best breeders in Australia, you may talk to their vets, (dog parents) or previous customers. Groodles are so easy to raise and addorable

Who are Groodles dogs

The Groodle is a cross between a purebred Poodle breed and a purebred Golden Retriever. Groodles can also be created by breeding a Groodle to a Poodle if the breeder is trying to achieve various coat colours. The Groodle is a family oriented dog like the Golden Retriever.  There are many breeders in Australia who are very well creating good dogs


Groodle dogs are very intelligent, very easy to raise with kids. you will be amazed by their health as they are needed only a few visits to the vet

I normally feed them royalcanin as it is tailored to them. I love my groodle dog and I have plan to set this site as a diary of my groodle dog